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  • Therapy Services in Florida

    Individual Therapy

    Is it time to bring turn the focus towards you? Are your body, mind, and spirit desperately seeking healing and room to breathe? Does life feel overwhelming and you’re merely surviving but know your true self is made to thrive? Through individual therapy we can create the space for your healing journey.

    I am affirming of and welcome all adult female identified members of the community. Therapy is typically provided weekly for 60 minutes, but can be provided more frequently if needed or desired.

    More information about specific concerns:

    Faith Integrated Therapy

    Do you find that your faith and spiritual beliefs inform who you are, the decisions you make, or the type of life you desire to live? Do they bring you comfort to weather the storms, or do you at times feel guilt and disconnection? Regardless of your experience, I warmly welcome creating space for your faith and spiritual beliefs to be an integral part of your healing journey. As a holistically trained Christian therapist, unpacking your relationship with God and integrating scripture in a way that aligns with your goals is welcomed.

    For those that align with other faith, spiritual, or religious backgrounds, your beliefs are just as welcomed and honored in our space.

    Clinical Supervision

    Are you looking for an engaged, present, and knowledgeable supervisor? Are you wanting to feel supported professionally and personally as you continue laying the foundation of your clinical career? I am a Florida Qualified Mental Health Counseling Supervisor and these are ways my supervisees have described me. The relationship with your supervisor is incredibly important, as it can greatly shape the therapist you become.

    I have extensive experience with children of all ages and setting including inpatient, acute and residential, outpatient, therapeutic day schools, foster care, and group homes. My experience includes adults, as you can see with my current practice focus, culturally diverse communities, trauma, and psychological assessment.

    If you’d like to chat about supervision, please send me an email. I am highly selective as I truly give my time and focus to your clinical growth and the support of your clients. I wish you tremendous growth and joy on this journey. Look forward to connecting!!