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  • Made to Fly: A Journey of Transformation

    I have a love for children’s books and the powerful messages they can share with kids and adults alike. Below you’ll find a description of my first children’s book, published in April 2022, about courage, transformation, and the power of relationship.

    Cat, a colorful caterpillar, is afraid of change.

    She can’t see beyond her present circumstances.

    Why can’t things just stay the same?!

    Cat is confused and scared when she learns she will soon become a butterfly. She is scared of heights. She doubts her ability to make a chrysalis. Will she ever learn to believe in herself, face her fears with courage, and learn to fly?

    Cat finds herself in a place where change will happen, whether she wants it to, or not. Change can be scary; perspectives can be limited; and sometimes we want life to just stay the same.

    Change is challenging. The world is shifting on a macro level. The complex and large changes in the world are having an effect on the mental health of us all–add to this the regular changes in life we all face. Children, especially, are feeling unsettled and insecure.

    For our kids, change can feel scary. Tummies may hurt, heads may ache, and tears may flow, as they struggle to find the words to express how they are feeling in their bodies.

    Cat, a colorful caterpillar, shows us how to make space to express how we’re feeling. By being vulnerable with those who love her, she gets the encouragement she needs to finally believe that she was made to fly.