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    Holistic Healing For Women

    Hello and Welcome!

    Life can be challenging, complicated, and overwhelming at times. Making space to heal and work towards your goals takes courage and a willingness to walk through the areas that need tending. I welcome all parts of you, as I have seen the mind, body, and spiritual healing that comes through a warm and accepting journey. I provide in-person and virtual therapy in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and throughout the PsyPact states.

    My approach to therapy is holistic and integrative, meaning all parts of you are explored and understood as a whole being. Your mind is very important, and we’ll take time to explore your thoughts and narratives. The stories we tell ourselves have tremendous impact on our experiences. Your body is equally important as it holds your experiences, houses wisdom, and desires to heal.

    Whether you’re navigating depression, anxiety, grief, or trauma I believe you are oriented to healing. Through identifying and moving barriers you can freely move towards this healing.

    Therapy is tailored to your unique needs and is often inclusive of opportunities between sessions to continue your journey through reflective practices.

    If this sounds like the next steps in your journey, lets connect.

    Wishing you joy and healing on your journey,

    Dr. Kat Maslowe

    Every human being has a true genuine authentic self, and the trauma is the disconnection from it and the healing is the reconnection. ~ Gabor Maté

    Therapy Services Provided

    I am affirming of and welcome all female identified members of the community.

    Individual Therapy

    Individual Therapy

    Looking for a place to focus on your healing, goals, and needs? Allow my couch to be your safe space. Let's explore together. 

    Faith Integrated Therapy

    Faith Integrated Therapy

    I warmly welcome creating space for your faith and spiritual beliefs to be an integral part of your healing journey.

    Clinical Supervision

    Clinical Supervision

    Have you arrived to the clinical training portion of your journey? Congratulations!! Are you now exploring supervision options? I am a Florida Qualified Mental Health Counseling Supervisor ~ let's chat!

    Let's Connect & Get Started!